About Us

The journals of men such as John Warburton, David Brainerd, Andrew Bonar, and George Mueller are the ones God has used over the years to challenge, shape, and inspire me.  These journals of saints who have gone before us are also the ones who have encouraged me to write down our journey’s story into a thing such as a “blog.”  I prefer pencil or ink and paper, or even face to face, over great coffee conversations, yet many of our family and friends have asked us to give this a try.  My hope with this is nothing more than to encourage the family of God by doing that which many have done before me — pour out my heart on “virtual paper” and pray that God will use the words of a mule to impact the hearts of His people, exalt Jesus Christ, and to point those still bound in Adam to their only Hope, our only Hope, the Lord God, Jesus of Nazareth.

Michael and Natalie Boyer: Missionaries of Jesus Christ

Our passion is to go and reach and teach the unreached peoples of the world with the life-giving, life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ, the reigning Son of God, in the power of the Holy Spirit for the sake of God’s glory and their joy in Him. This will be done through Prayer, Bible and literature distribution, relational evangelism, preaching and teaching, Bible studies, Biblical Discipleship, church planting and community development projects. It is our heart’s desire (Romans 10:1-4) rooted in His plan (1 Timothy 2:4), to do all of this in a way that will honor Him, profit those whom we are sent to serve (Acts 20:20-21), and builds up the true church of the living Christ (1 Corinthians 14:12).




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